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Youngest nymphets

Youngest nymphets

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Related article: Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 23:10:32 +0000 From: Kevin nymphets sex ilegal angels Berry Subject: Charlie's Secret rape nymphet Heartache pt8This is a Lost fan-fiction story. The rights to these characters belong to and are copyright protected by J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof and I am using them without permission. Please send feedback to , it would be very much appreciated!Now, please sit back and enjoy...Charlie's Secret Heartache pt8It was another one of those days. Charlie was feeling pretty shocking. Just a few days ago, Locke had courteously humiliated him in front of the entire camp, and now every one thought he was back on his heroin again. Bloody fantastic. Still, he thought, at least that had let him have some time alone with Jack. There was no opportunity for sex as he was only seeing to his cut cheek but, to be fair, they couldn't have sex every single time they met. Not that he wouldn't mind, of course.Now, however, he had Eko's church project to keep him happy. This he enjoyed a lot, as pretty much every day was throwing new problems up at him and he was staying busy. It had also meant he hadn't had any sexual relief recently. Curiously, Eko never seemed to express any desire for either women or men, and Charlie had only ever seen him hard once, in sweet young nymphette gallery the early morning (he had burst into his tent early one day just to satisfy his curiosity, on the excuse that he wanted to start building as early as possible. Charlie was right, he was huge, much bigger than Jack.)Midday, after his break for lunch (yum, more mango), Charlie decided to go for a walk. He had seen Jack earlier that day at the beach, who had flashed him a smile which he returned. That had been enough to set his mind going, and he had been horny on and off for the remainder of the morning.So he set off into the jungle, in his tight, chest-hugging t-shirt and favourite flares. His prick was embraced closely by his grey boxers, and Charlie was ever-aware of his need to pleasure it, to finally let out the spunk he yearned for, to feel that special orgasmic feeling. He wouldn't walk too far, he was too horny, so he went just enough off the path not to be seen. And he knew the perfect place to go - it was a clearing he'd used before to have a quick whack-off in when he was desperate.As he approached, though, he heard noises. Odd grunts, stifled, came from the clearing. Was it an animal? Or an Other? Surely not another monster? Charlie approached with caution as he entered, wishing he had a gun. Charlie was gobsmacked at what he saw when he walked in.Sawyer. Jeans and black briefs at his knees, white shirt open showing his broad, smooth chest and six nymphette video pack, 10-inch cock rising proudly in the centre of it. Kneeling up, knees spread wide, hand pumping furiously away over a porn mag wide open on the floor, grunting. Grunting.Mouth wide open, Charlie turned on the spot. He certainly was the luck one, wasn't he? How many more times was this going to happen?"I'm sorry, I didn't think you were - " Charlie stammered. He didn't think his cock could have gotten harder than it was, but he was wrong. It was nymphets art free hard as the little dong on Michelangelo's David, and harder. Sawyer! Why was The Island testing him this way?Sawyer was disappointed. Horny, desperately horny, but also incredibly disappointed. He breathed an audible sigh, let go of his manhood and said aloud, "You might as well turn round. There's nothing I'm ashamed of here."Charlie stuck both hands in his pockets, the old covering-up-your-erection trick, and turned around. He raised an eyebrow at Sawyer's stiff cock, not as thick as Jack's, but boy was it longer. At least a couple of inches on Jack, maybe more."I can see why you've got nothing to be ashamed of," Charlie replied. He hoped it was in a jokey, manly way. Why did it have to be Sawyer? Why?"Can you?" Sawyer smiled in an annoyed tone, turning his head to one side as he pulled up his black briefs and shifted his cock to one side in them. It left a clear, meaty relief in the black material. Charlie couldn't help but think back to when he dreaming of sucking on that very dick, and the feeling and taste of oral sex, of men against his tongue, drifted into his mind. Sawyer turned to pull up his jeans: there was nice ass in those briefs. Tight and firm. Charlie was feeling very horny indeed. But he wanted to stay loyal to Jack - he had to stay in control of himself.His gaze shifted to the porn mag on the floor. It was open on a page with a large orgy of blond, busty women. There was licking of shaved minges and sucking of large nipples, dildos inserted inside sweet cunts and tight asses, and general lesbian loving going on all over its double-page spread. Charlie felt a little more young nymphets incest aroused at the sight."You have a porn stash?" Charlie finally worked out, surprised."Yeah, what of it?" Sawyer snatched the mag off the floor. His shirt was still open, showing Charlie his fit body."Just making conversation," he replied. Why was Sawyer so snappish? "You know I came here for the same reason you did, there's no reason to bite my bloody head off. I'm as disappointed as you are.""Did you now? I suppose you might want a bit of Playboy here then, huh?"Charlie eyed the magazine. It did look good, and it had been a while since he'd had any real material to jack off to. But he knew Sawyer too well."What's the catch?"Sawyer grinned and stepped closer to Charlie, his enormous erection clear in his tiny nymphet kiddie jeans. "I'm gonna need your pro-kidnappin' help, " he said. He went on to explain his plot to kidnap Sun, get the guns and humiliate Locke."So it's about guns now is it? Very macho. Alright I'm in," Charlie smiled. He was still hard. So was Sawyer, by the looks of things. If only he knew how Charlie really felt about him..."Here's your mag," Sawyer winked and tossed it at him, then turned to leave the clearing. Charlie noticed his hand in his pocket. He didn't even wait for Sawyer to leave before he unbuckled his belt and took off his shirt."A little eager there aren't we?" Sawyer's voice carried from the other side of the small clearing. "Don't mind if I stay for the show I hope?" He had a knowing grin on his face and a raised eyebrow that made his face look so handsome to Charlie he couldn't possibly say no."Course not," Charlie grinned back.Exhilarated at the thought of Sawyer watching him go at it, Charlie turned to face away from Sawyer. He was going to strip for him, just like he did for Jack. He felt guilty, knowing that he was cheating on Jack, and in a way betraying Claire as well. But the opportunity to please Sawyer, maybe even to get to suck his cock for real, how could he pass that up?He finished unbuckling his belt with a small click, then unbuttoned his fly, obviously so Sawyer would know what he was doing. He lowered his waistline, tantalisingly swaying his hips side to side as the top of his fleshed-out, beautiful ass cheeks came into view. He dropped them down, stepped out of them and grabbed his cheeks."Jack would love this," Charlie thought to himself as he squeezed and felt his own ass.He turned around to face Sawyer, and gave himself a vombats rompl nymphets squeeze through his dark blue boxers. "This is just like being on stage with Drive Shaft," he thought to himself. "Well, not quite," he added as an after-thought, "more nudity.""Lookin' good Sweet Cheeks," Sawyer called over. He had taken off his shirt and was stroking a lump in his jeans slowly. He was lying on his side in the short grass, one knee raised in the air, the other straight. Idly, his other hand brushed his firm pecs, his brown nipples, his rippled abs. Charlie drank in the sight of Sawyer, and longed for his body to be close to his.Wet with anticipation, Charlie pulled his boxers down, revealing his plump ball sac and round-ended cock to Sawyer's eager eyes. He nodded appreciatively and stroked his nymphet little pussy muscled belly. "Whenever you're ready," he said, pointing towards the Playboy mag with his open hand. His other slid into his jeans and rubbed his stiffness.Charile kneeled, just as Sawyer had been when he arrived in the clearing. He looked through the pages, gently pulling on his foreskin, pleasuring easy and slow as he went. He found a series of pictures of a man being sucked by a woman in a blindfold, in varying stages of ecstasy, eventually coming all over her cute, innocent face. The images already had a few dried cum marks on them. Charlie saw himself sucking Sawyer, just the way he dreamed of doing, and feeling his come landing, warm and runny, on his own face, down his nose and into his mouth.He jerked off gently, then increased his pace. He looked up at Sawyer, who had unbuckled his jeans and removed them. He was rubbing himself at the sight young fuck nymphet of Charlie masturbating over his magazine, but he knew that Charlie's real thoughts were of his body. He, Sawyer, was in control."How about you stick your fingers up there, buddy?" Sawyer commanded. He knelt up, assuming the position he was in before Charlie rudely interrupted him, and spread his legs out. He noticed Charlie was looking over his favourite page in that magazine, then had an idea.Charlie licked his fingers and slid them gently in and out of his ass hole. He moved, kneeling on the ground with his right hand in his hole, left taking his weight, gazing over the magazine. He angel nymphets was delirious with the pleasure: then Sawyer's feet appeared either side of the pages. He kicked it away, and Charlie looked up at Sawyer's bulging crotch."Take your fingers out now, boy," Sawyer said. He walked around to Charlie's back, and straddled him. He humped his ass hole through the dark material of his briefs, then tied his shirt around Charlie's eyes, blindfolding him.Charlie grinned in the darkness the young fuck nymphet cool cotton on his head provided. He felt Sawyer dismount then, a moment later, put his hands on his ears. They titled his nose up to stretchy cotton material, pressed tight against a large, hard penis in its full glory. Charlie breathed in a musky scent, then explored the hard flesh with his lips, his nose, the rough briefs against his rough bearded upper lip, the soft, covered bollocks yielding to his probing round nose. He found the edge, and Sawyer's haired thigh, the top and his firm muscled abdomen. Then he opened his mouth and tried to pull away the briefs, desperate to unwrap the box and see, or rather feel and smell, what delights lay hidden inside. Hands brushed against him as they assisted his attempts, and they felt his beard, his nose and lips. Charlie kissed the fingers as they removed the briefs, then nuzzled inside a hairy bush of pubes, pleasant against his nose after the rough material.Eager to explore, he kissed the loose, wrinkled balls and breathed in a salty-sweet smell as they rubbed against his skin. Sawyer let out a manly, low moan as Charlie felt his way around Sawyer's body. Then his gentle, guiding hands cp nymphet returned, under his chin, tilting his head up until he found the shaft. Blind, Charlie knew what he had to do, and he used his nose and tongue to feel his way up Sawyer's thick, long tool. He took Sawyer's slippery head into his mouth. It was warm, wet, pleasant and hard, a hundred times more intense in the dark. He could picture Sawyer's expressions from the model in Playboy, and he hoped Sawyer would look just the same at his lips as the model's had at those of a woman."Arh, suck me Charlie," Sawyer said. There was a grumble, a purr even, in the 'r' of Charlie. The way Sawyer said his name made Charlie all the more eager to take in all of Sawyer's meat. His hands pushed him ever further down the monster vombats rompl nymphets shaft.Every inch Charlie swallowed, he knew there would be more. But every inch was a wonderful, sexual piece of Sawyer's body, and the feel of ukrainian nymphets masha its hardness filling his mouth was exquisite, glorious as his eyesight was shut off from seeing what it was he was tasting, from knowing when it would end.Soon he was taking more shaft than he ever had done into his throat. Sliding in and nymphets models videos out, Sawyer thrusting, bucking, fucking and Charlie trying his best to continue pleasuring as best he can. Ever more into his nymphet cock suckers throat's depths, Charlie was in awe of Sawyer's hugeness.Finally, Charlie's nose hit flesh, and Sawyer's voice crooned, "Oh, that's it Charlie. All the way down." He could hear Sawyer's breaths get more constant, and his mind's eye saw his eyes shut tight, he mouth open and contorted in the pleasure. He dutifully sucked, and Sawyers hands gripped tight. Ready for the next thrust, Charlie was ready to push forwards with his head. Sawyer's strong hands held nymphets nude galleries him back."Not yet, Chuck, let me finish this," he panted.>From in front and above him, he Sawyer grunting as his wet foreskin slid rapidly back-forth, back-forth; he moaned ever louder, and the wanking grew fast, faster; then out of the dark, a wonderful, warm wetness landed on his face, nymphets legal 4, 5, 6 splashes, one after another, drenching him in Sawyer's liquid love. It trickled town the gullies designed for tears, over his nose bridge, into his eager mouth, dragged in by his tongue and absorbed into his saliva as the taste blew him away."Bloody hell," Charlie breathed. He collapsed, blind, back on the floor, erection pointing at the invisible sky.No time passed before Sawyer's lips were onto Charlie's decent six inches. He was nymphet little pussy ruthless in his hard sucking, taking it all instantly and pleasuring Charlie's sweet spot with his tongue. The hot, moist chamber of Sawyer's mouth felt so intense, so pleasurable from the dark, mystery chamber around Charlie's eyes. He was manly as he grunted, and stroked Charlie's thighs as he went. Beard hair bristled Charlie legs, tickled his penis skin every so often. angel nymphets The power nymphet video nude of Sawyer's mouth soon brought Charlie to an ecstatic, explosive orgasm, magnified by his sensory deprivation. He pulled off at the last possible moment."Shit, Sawyer! I'm... uh, uh... uhh..." Charlie lost control. Cum flew, reminding him of the existence of his stomach, his chest. As the feelings drained, he remembered his nymphets model gallery limbs, his back, feet and hands.He lay on the ground as Sawyer's tongue cleared his body of semen. It was relaxing, feeling the powerful body around him, forgetting his looks and feeling only his immense body. When he helped him sit up and let his blindfold off, sunlight flooded his eyes. rape nymphet Green bushes, green ground, the dazzling blue sky overhead.Sawyer was already wearing his black briefs again. Charlie found his boxers, pulled them on, and dressed looking away from Sawyer's body. He was feeling guilty at betraying Jack's trust, betraying his loyalty. How could he ever forgive himself for this?He turned to leave the clearing, past Sawyer, but his arm sprung out, holding him in an embrace. Sawyer's face had 'suave romantic' written all over it, and he gleefully said, "What? Ain't you gonna kiss me goodbye?""Sorry Sawyer," Charlie looked away."Oh, I get it. You're feeling bad for Claire, right? Well, what she don't know won't hurt nymphets young teen her, ok? Just consider this payment for helpin' me out," he winked. "Conscience clear.""Yeah, all right." He did not look cheered up. "I'll see you tomorrow, Sawyer."Charlie went and sat by the Virgin Maries stash. This was not his plan for how the day was supposed to go. He thought of Jack. He cried.Feedback is always welcome, please send it to
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